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About The Farm

The Farm

My Sisters Farm is nestled just inside of Franklin County, TN between Tullahoma and Estill Springs. This was my grandparents home and has been in our family since the early 80's. As a child I played in the fields, where now, thousands of beautiful flowers grow. My Sisters Farm would love to provide you the freshest of flowers for your events, special days or just because. 

If you have questions about what I offer, please see the contact page, where I welcome your emails.

Many types of flowers are grown on the farm, some common and some not, but all of them are treated with the utmost care and respect and never treated with any chemicals. Along with the flowers, there are many creatures (good ones and some...maybe not my favorite) that depend on the flowers for their survival, so, there will never be anything on this farm that will harm them. 

The flowers are harvested at the perfect time so that the full length of their beauty is spent with you and not in shipment or storage.

I will never use flower foam, in any of my designs as it is a microplastic petroleum based product and is not good for the environment. There are many natural alternatives to plastics in creating all floral designs. There are plastics on my farm used as tools in helping the flowers grow straight, tall and weed-free, however, I am working to eliminate them and be plastic free farm. 

I hope you will join me in reducing the use of plastics as much as possible. 

The Farmer

Hi, I'm Valerie. I was born and raised in Tullahoma, TN and live here on the farm in what was my grandparents home. I have three grown children, some grand-furbabies and my trusty sidekick, Birdie. Birdie is a Great Pyrenees and her job is to keep guard over the farm at night. I love nature, watching things grow and seeing people smile.

I'm learning how to incorporate regenerative farming practices to build the best soil possible that will feed all plants and creatures on my small piece of this earth, those  visible and not. 

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